the school

Goldman's Stage School was founded in 2003 by Shana Goldman & Michael Witcomb. Their aim was to establish a school where children could learn artistic skills in a warm, friendly environment, whilst achieving the highest performance standards enabling many to work professionally in film, TV and theatre. Particular attention was paid to nurturing the individual student, building confidence whilst having fun.

In 2007 Shana was forced to retire from the business due to ill health and the business was sold to Sarah Dormady and Matthew Turner. Sarah was already teaching at the school and therefore was able to ensure that the strong foundations laid by Shana and Michael would continue.

What the future holds…

We are committed to bringing the best teachers and highest standards of training to our school, we aim to produce performers that are confident and equipped with the skills to enable them to pursue a career in the arts. We aim to keep class sizes manageable and children happy. We encourage input from families and look forward to growing the community spirit within the school.

Keep an eye on our news pages to see new developments.

From the kids…

"I have been coming to Goldmans since i was 4, I am now 10 and I still love it here, the teachers are great!" - Phillippa Kennedy - Age 10

"GOLDMANS is great because it has a tuck shop" - Billy Cashin - Age 7

"Goldmans is great cos we get rid of our children on a Saturday x" - Jane Amicucci aged ???

"Because We Are Unique,  You can express your self and not told its wrong and you get to be yourself and every one is extremely friendly." - Dani Madigan 14

"Goldmans is great because..... it made me so much more confident on stage" - Alfie age 13

"Goldmans is great because .... I got a Playstation 3 out of my wages!" - Charlie Woodhouse age 8

"Goldmans is great because .... it makes me feel young!" - Roberta age 40!

"I like Goldmans because it gives me something productive to do on a weekend :)"

"I like Goldmans because I like doing what I love with my mates." - Amy seymour 13

"Goldmans is great because everyone is different abilities, but it doesn't matter" - Jack Evans 14 :)

"Goldmans is great because We Have Doug In Our Cast !" - x Doug Hawkins aged 13

"GOLDMANS IS GREAT BECAUSE.......... all the mums (and some of the dads!!!) love Matt." - Peter Jorquera, 40 something